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A missing Tru


The fearless leader of THAR, trumcgowan, has been missing for 5 weeks now. No tweets, blogs, emails…nothing. His wakoopa even says that he hasn’t been online in all this time. As you can imagine, me and the fellow THAR contributors are quite worried about our space invader friend and hope that wherever he is, he is safe and sound. That said, if you know Tru “in real life” and have any information about what might have happened to him, please contact me at

Or if you have any access to resources that might help us find out if he is okay, please feel free to email me as well.

I’m going to see about continuing on with some reviews in his absence. I’m super busy at the moment, but the THAR contributors and I think we should try to keep plugging on. Until we figure something out, we are going to be on a little hiatus.

Tru, I miss ya.

Thanks, sarahlane… this was a great pick-me-up while taking a sick day! :-)


She didn’t look like a robot at first.

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